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NeighborWorks Impact

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NeighborWorks’ FY2018 National Impact
Total investment $8,425,795,185
Total housing and counseling services provided 457,042
Congressional appropriation leverage $60 : $1
Jobs created and maintained 45,100
Customers counseled and educated 177,825

NeighborWorks Impact

In the field of community development, change is a constant. At NeighborWorks America, we are committed to driving and sustaining positive change — and to documenting what’s effective and what’s not.

FY2018 National Impact

We are deeply committed to ensuring accurate, reliable data. For the origins of various data points, visit Data Explanations.

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      Grants distributed from core appropriation.

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      Rental homes

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      New homeowners

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      Rental homes constructed, acquired and preserved

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      Homeowners with preserved or rehabilitated homes

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      Homes repaired

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