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Training & Professional Development

Blue circle with a banner that reads "Find a Course"NeighborWorks America’s training and certification offerings represent the very best in professional development for those serving people and communities in any capacity. 

No other organization matches our breadth, depth and focus in this field, and no other organization is in a position to identify trends and build training around cutting-edge approaches as we do.

Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

Registration closes April 4 for the San Francisco Training Institute — May 1-5, 2023

Visit for more information.
Faculty-led courses

Faculty-led courses

Faculty-led courses offer you professional development similar to what we provide at our in-class in-person courses -- the only difference is that you interact with an expert faculty member and your fellow participants online, and at your convenience. These online courses incorporate a variety of user-friendly tools that keep you connected, and ensure a high-quality and results-oriented training experience. MORE INFORMATION
Self-guided Courses

Self-guided Courses

Our self-guided courses enable you to stay close to your work while gaining valuable knowledge, skills and downloadable tools and resources. You can take advantage of this user-friendly professional development opportunity whenever it fits into your busy schedule, and wherever you can connect to the Internet. And you’ll save your valuable travel dollars and time away from the office.  MORE INFORMATION
Upcoming Interactive Webinars

Upcoming Interactive Webinars

To stay on top of your ever-increasing workload, and to be able to jump on exciting opportunities, you need an efficient and cost-effective way to pick up specific skills and the latest, most innovative practices. We're bringing you the kind of valuable learning you enjoy at in-person NeighborWorks events distilled into timely and time-saving interactive webinars.  MORE INFORMATION

You can learn with NeighborWorks at in-person training events or ─ for greater convenience and cost efficiency  ─ take our online training. We also currently offer online training related to COVID-19. Whatever vehicle you choose, you can rely on the high-quality content of our courses, designed and delivered by expert practitioners and thought leaders in the nonprofit, community development and affordable housing arenas. Most of our courses count toward professional certificates and certifications that help advance your career.

NeighborWorks offers a high-quality learning experience and comprehensive curricula for all levels of staff – novice to experienced – centered around four major themes:

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For professionals who educate, counsel and coach clients to improve their finances and prepare them to achieve and sustain homeownership.
Courses are offered in financial capability and housing education/counseling.

For professionals who plan, develop, build, rehab and manage affordable housing for low- to moderate-income residents.
For professionals who bring residents together to revitalize communities and improve quality of life.
For professionals who lead, develop strategic plans and allocate resources for nonprofit organizations.
Courses are offered in nonprofit management and leadership