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Frequently Asked Questions

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Questions about our training?

  • If you still have questions, contact our customer response team at or 800-438-5547. 

Training FAQs

User Profile

What is my user profile and how is it used?
How do I create a user profile?
How can I update or edit my user profile?
Can I delete my user profile?
Can I have more than one user profile?
How do I change my email address?
How do I change my password?
What if I forget my password?
What if I forget the email address that I used to create my user profile?

Event Registration

How do I register online for an event?
Does registering online reserve a seat for me in all of the courses that I select?
I belong to a NeighborWorks organization; can I register using a funded training slot?
How do I get the network organization security code?
Can I request accommodations for an event using online registration?
When is my registration confirmed?
How long will it take to confirm my online registration submission?
How do I update or edit my registration?
How do I cancel my registration?
Where can I see my transcripts?


Can I pay my event costs online?
What methods of payment are accepted for online registration?
How secure are my online event payments?
Do you keep any personal financial information such as my credit card numbers online?
Who is the online payment processor?
What if I don't want to pay online?
What if I want one person to make online payments for several individuals?

Contact Info

Who do I contact when I need help using online registration?
Who do I contact when I need help with payments?

Technical Info

What browsers are supported?
How do I disable pop-up blocking?
How do I enable cookies and JavaScript?
What is the minimum supported screen resolution and how do I set it?
I keep seeing a message that asks if I want to debug a runtime error. How do I make it stop?


What online courses are available?
How long will an eLearning Course take to complete?
How long will an eClassroom Express Webinar take to complete?
How long will a Virtual Classroom course take to complete?
How do I enroll in an online course (eLearning, eClassroom, Virtual Classroom)?
How can I pay for an online course?
Can I obtain a discount for an online course?
Are there scholarships available for online courses?
Where do I enter a discount code?
Is there an exam for online courses?
Does successful completion of an online course count toward a professional certificate or NCHEC certification?
Are there plans for additional online courses?
How do I access/take my purchased courses?
How do course expirations work?
If I have technical difficulties with an eLearning or eClassroom Express course, who should I contact?
Why won’t the final exam open in my eLearning course?
How do I enable the quiz in my eClassroom Express Webinar?
Where is the course evaluation and how do I complete it?
Where are the resources for the course?
Why won’t the Word documents open in the resources section?
What is a course report?
How do I use the notes feature?
How do I obtain my certificate of completion?