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Board Leadership

NeighborWorks Excellence in Governance Program:

Strong, engaged leadership is critical to successful organizations and to the people they serve.

We created the Excellence in Governance program to help boards create lasting, adaptive change and transform from responsible to exceptional. Ever evolving, Excellence in Governance seeks to further build upon an established foundation by expanding the number of participants, deepening the content and engaging program graduates in on-going conversations and opportunities.Excellence in Governance Class 2016

Using a performance-based framework paired with governance principles, each participating board will define their own success and measure effectiveness in the context of the organization and the community it serves.  All participants – including NeighborWorks America – will increase knowledge and understanding of the characteristics of exceptional governing boards, as well as the ability to identify characteristics, and methods to increase effectiveness in governance.

NeighborWorks America strongly encourages interested board members and Executive Directors/CEOs to listen to our recorded informational call  that  is accessible by following the instructions below: ​

Information Call – September 7, 2016

Playback via the Internet 
  1. Click on the link below or paste the entire URL into your browser: 
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About Excellence in Governance


"Do not fear a more engaged and exceptional board of directors...we are a healthier and more agile organization ready for the challenges ahead."

-Colin Kelley, CEO, NeighborWorks Western Pennsylvania, Excellence in Governance 2014 graduate

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