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Excellence in Governance was exactly what we needed.
-Executive director, 2012 survey

Strong, engaged leadership is critical to successful organizations and to the people they serve. We created the Excellence in Governance program to help community development corporation (CDC) boards create lasting, adaptive change and transform from responsible to exceptional.


Excellence in Governance
The combined reach and expertise of NeighborWorks America and BoardSource gives unprecedented training and resources to build exceptional boards.
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Information Calls
If you missed the Information Calls offered by NeighborWorks America or if you’d like someone else to hear it – you can listen to the final call which was recorded on November 5, 2014.
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Do not fear a more engaged and exceptional board of directors...we are a healthier and more agile organization ready for the challenges ahead.
- Colin Kelley, CEO, NeighborWorks Western Pennsylvania, Excellence in Governance 2014 graduate

The 2014 Excellence in Governance graduating class

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