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Business Opportunities

NeighborWorks America contracts with a variety of consultants to help fulfill its mission to revitalize communities. Learn about becoming a consultant for NeighborWorks America, or view our current request for proposals.

Requests for proposals and information

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New Procurement Division

NeighborWorks America has created a centralized procurement division. As the vice president of the Procurement Division, I want to take this opportunity to provide you with information to guide you through the new process for doing business with NeighborWorks America. The new Request for Proposal (RFP)/sample contract award template and summary are available.

The Procurement Division anticipates hosting a vendor day in the Washington, DC region to introduce our staff and provide an overview of the procurement process and templates. We will also host vendor webinars for those that cannot attend the vendor day in DC. An announcement will be posted to this website when dates are confirmed. Pre-registration will be required.

Illona Williams
Vice President, Procurement

Doing Business with NeighborWorks America

All vendors interested in providing services and/or supplies to NeighborWorks are encouraged to view the Current Business Opportunities for details. 
NeighborWorks program and procurement staff will use the information provided through the Vendor Registration form to perform market research, identify potential vendors and inform vendors of upcoming NeighborWorks outreach events.
NeighborWorks procures approximately $12 million in supplies and/or support services annually. Typically, these supplies and/or services are in the following areas:
Consultants to:
  • Program Evaluation
  • Hotels, Lodging, Catering, Conference and Event Support
  • Grant Administration Support
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing and Communication
  • Marketing Materials, Printing and Printing Brokerage
  • Organization Management and Operation Support (i.e. Legal, Financial, Audit, etc.)
  • Temporary Staffing Support
  • Curriculum Development and Training
All contractors must certify to adhere to the NeighborWorks Contractor Code of Business Ethics and Conduct, click here for details.
Current Business Opportunities 
Click on full RFP list to see NeighborWorks’s current Request for Proposals
Thank you for your interest in doing business with us.
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