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Training & Services

Developing and empowering community leaders

It’s the professionals “on the ground” who must counsel homebuyers, coach individuals with limited budgets, preserve and re-develop communities and so much more. But they are only as effective as their expertise, energy and commitment. Each person reaches within for the energy and commitment; NeighborWorks America builds their skills and expertise.

The comprehensive spectrum of courses, consulting, networking opportunities and other support provided by the NeighborWorks Services Group helps professionals and their organizations adopt innovations, improve performance and achieve meaningful impact. We offer organizational capacity assessments, skills-based training courses, leadership-development programs and sophisticated tools for quantifying outcomes.

Training & Professional Development

Simply put, NeighborWorks America's training and certification offerings represent the very best in professional development for those serving people and communities in any capacity. No other organization matches our breath, depth and focus, and no other organization is in a position to identify and build training around cutting-edge approaches as we do. Learn more >
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Nonprofit Leadership

NeighborWorks has been a pioneer in providing nonprofit executives with programs that elevate their performance, and that of their organization, to new heights. We offer individual courses, certificates and intensive programs for a variety of management levels. Learn more >

"My new board chair and I completed the NeighborWorks Board Oversight and Governance course with a clear sense of what we were doing well [and] a checklist of policies and practices to put in place."
– Ann Houston, executive director, Chelsea Neighborhood Developers

Outcome Measurement

Success Measures is an outcome evaluation resource group created by and for nonprofits, intermediaries and funders across the country to document their impact for the people and communities they serve. We equip our clients with the skills tools and support they need to effectively document stories of change at the local regional or national levels, improve their programs, increase understanding, expand our reach, and attract additional resources. Learn more >
Success Measures

Organizational Assessment

NeighborWorks has a proven approach for assessing operations, programs, systems, staffing and leadership. We make actionable recommendations to improve organizational health and performance. We offer both comprehensive assessments and shorter, more targeted assessments focused on a particular line of business or management area. Learn more >
"The NeighborWorks assessment was the best thing that ever happened to [us]. it identified our strengths and weaknesses and identified a clear direction for improvement." 
– Victor Merced, Hacienda Community Development Corporation, Portland, Oregon

Resources for Counselors and Educators

NCHEC, the NeighborWorks Center for Homeownership Education and Counseling, promotes sustainable homeownership and financial capability by supporting the industry’s educators and counselors. Our training programs, professional certifications and other tools and resources increase the number of qualified homeownership professionals and financial capability professionals available to help people achieve their dreams. Learn more >
"By far the information and trainers exceeded my expectations. My experience was filled with solid information,group participation and superb presentation...Thank you again!"
-NCHEC Training Participant

Special Online Training Package Now Available

Are you looking to get more bang for your training buck? Is your travel budget tight?
NeighborWorks is here to help. For a limited time, we will be offering the valuable opportunity to purchase a cost-effective package for our self-guided online courses. These courses allow you and your staff or team to train at your own pace, anywhere, anytime, day or night. The pricing of the package reflects a major savings over our individual registration tuition.

Package sale has begun. Visit the self-guided course page for more details and to place your order.
"The Information shared this week will  (assist) hundreds in communities throughout the state. This type of education is a true humanitarian value."
— Place-Based
Training Participant