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Dorothy Richardson Resident Leadership Awards

Celebrating resident leadership

For more than 20 years, the Dorothy Richardson Resident Leadership award has been bestowed annually in recognition of outstanding contributions by dedicated community leaders. Awardees have invested their energies and talents to bring about specific change that positively impacts their neighborhoods and communities. Each of their stories and photos represents an important piece of our NeighborWorks history and serves as an example of what each of us can do for our community.

Origins of the award

The award is named in honor of Dorothy Richardson, a pioneer in the community-based development movement who was the driving force behind the establishment of Neighborhood Housing Services, Inc. in Pittsburgh, the forerunner of today's NeighborWorks network.
"I believe people get their roots down when they own their houses...take pride in them. That, in turn, is good for a whole city."   - Dorothy Richardson

Richardson and her neighbors banded together in the 1960s to save their declining Pittsburgh neighborhood from demolition. They recruited partners in local government and the business community. Together, they not only helped revitalize their community, but also set a precedent that changed the nation's approach to urban redevelopment and spawned the new field of community-based development.

2015 winner profiles

Angela Bannerman Ankoma
Angela Bannerman Ankoma 
West Elmwood Housing Development Corp.

If anyone is a poster child for the contribution that immigrants make to the American “smorgasbord,” Angela Bannerman Ankoma is a strong candidate. Read more
Apostle Vanessa Ward
Billy Palmer
Diana Lerma Pfeifer
Maria Skoczylas
Mary Jones
Sandra Smithers

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