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Jeffrey Bryson named acting president and CEO of NeighborWorks America
NeighborWorks America Board of Directors announced today that Jeffrey Bryson will serve as acting president and chief executive officer following the Board's acceptance of Paul Weech's resignation.
Philadelphia symposium on economic empowerment addresses financial challenges facing low- and moderate-income families
NeighborWorks Training Institute will attract 1,800 community-development professionals, nearly $4.3 million in economic impact.
NeighborWorks America awards $31.58 million in financial capability grants to 66 nonprofit organizations
NeighborWorks America announced that $31.58 million in financial capability grants have been awarded to 66 nonprofit organizations to assist individuals to stabilize their finances, rebuild their credit and establish savings.
NeighborWorks America says affiliates are poised to grow realty services as focus on social enterprise increases
NeighborWorks America vice president of homeownership and lending said that she expects the number of NeighborWorks network nonprofits that provide realty services to grow over the short- to medium-term.
NeighborWorks America celebrates 34th annual week of service
On June 3-10, NeighborWorks America and its network of local organizations will kick off the 34th annual NeighborWorks Week, when thousands of volunteers, businesspeople, neighbors, and local and national elected and civic leaders come together for a week of neighborhood change.
NeighborWorks America awards $27.5 million in neighborhood stabilization grants to 55 nonprofit organizations
NeighborWorks America announced that $27.5 million in neighborhood stabilization grants have been awarded to 55 nonprofit organizations.
NeighborWorks Training Institute in Minneapolis will attract 1,600+ community-development professionals, $1.7 million in economic impact
An estimated $1.7 million boost is coming to the Minneapolis economy when more than 1,600 community-development professionals from around the country convene in the city for the NeighborWorks Training Institute.
NeighborWorks America awards $68.09 million in flexible grants to 243 nonprofits
NeighborWorks America announced that it awarded $68.09 million in flexible grants to 243 nonprofit organizations, all members of the national NeighborWorks network.
City residents less financially confident than suburban and rural counterparts
Pressured by the high cost of housing and other living expenses, 31 percent of American adults living in urban areas are "not too confident" or "not confident at all" of their ability to withstand a sudden financial emergency.
NeighborWorks America recognizes Older Americans Month
NeighborWorks America recognizes the importance of helping older adults make safe, informed and healthy decisions, including aging in their own homes.
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Annual Report FY 2021
NeighborWorks America's mission is to help meet the housing and community development needs in communities across the nation. In 2021, that mission was more critical than ever. Read our annual report to learn how we, along with NeighborWorks network organizations, are making an impact. If you're interested in speaking to an expert or learning more information, please contact or 202-760-4097. 
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