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LIFT Programs

An initiative of NeighborWorks America and the Wells Fargo Housing Foundation

Since 2012, NeighborWorks America has collaborated with the Wells Fargo Foundation and local nonprofit organizations on LIFT programs in more than 60 locations, benefitting nearly 20,000 families. Through HomeLIFT, NeighborhoodLIFT and CityLIFT, Wells Fargo has committed more than $442 million to support sustainable housing in cities affected by the economic downturn. The LIFT programs offer:

Down-payment assistance for qualified buyers


Homebuyer and financial education to help buyers prepare for homeownership


Events to showcase area homes for sale

How it works

The Wells Fargo Foundation provides grants for down-payment assistance through NeighborWorks America to local NeighborWorks organizations and/or other nonprofits. At a two-day launch event in each city, potential homebuyers learn if they qualify for the down-payment assistance program. Also at the event, local nonprofits enroll homebuyers in required pre-purchase education and participants have the opportunity to tour available neighborhood properties.


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Locations of LIFT cities

Locations of previous LIFT programs