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ED230 Growing Microenterprise in Your Community

There are currently 25.5 million microbusinesses representing 92% of all businesses in the United States. For women, people of color and low-income populations, launching a microbusiness is particularly appealing since there are low barriers to entry and starting a business is another way to generate income and assets. One of the greatest challenges in the industry is figuring out why some microbusinesses grow and others do not. This course will focus on external client needs and look at the essential components of a microbusiness. This look will include the phases of growth for a microbusiness, organizational capacity, potential financial vulnerabilities of your microbusiness as well as provide potential owners a situational analysis and financial planning primer. This course is part of the microenterprise one week certification.

Course Length: 1 Days

Tuition: $300

Course counts toward a professional certificate (PCP): Yes