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HO037 Helping Clients Understand New Manufactured Homes - Interactive Webinar Training

When renters and prospective buyers consider where to live, the decision is usually dominated by apartments for renters and single-family detached homes for buyers. Manufactured homes, a leader of factory-built construction, are often overlooked. Yet manufactured homes can represent a more efficient, precise, and affordable option for many people, especially in rural areas. Educators and counselors will examine how to provide clients with a new understanding of broader options to satisfy housing needs, and how best to outline the benefits. This primer course is best for either new staff unfamiliar with factory-built housing, or experienced staff that are looking to enhance their program offerings and knowledge of affordable housing options.

By the end of this course, learners will expand their recognition of housing types, comprehend new concepts and terminology, identify financing methods, and learn about preferred home elements. Community development professionals will be armed with knowledge and resources to dispel common myths about manufactured housing.

This course provides 1.5 hours of continuing education.

Course Length: 1/2 Days

Course counts toward a professional certificate (PCP): No