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CB277vc The Building Leaders, Building Communities Experience: Facilitator Training

How would you feel if your next resident education program demanded a waitlist? How would you respond if your co-facilitator was a current resident? How would you show up if you knew resident participants would be recognized as meaningful changemakers?

CB277vc invites you to innovate and reconsider your resident education programming. It also includes access to the Building Leaders, Building Communities Experience (BLBC) curriculum—NeighborWorks® America’s premier resident leadership group education program. BLBC will help you redefine resident education in your community, or begin defining it, if you’re new to resident education. This three-day course dives into everything you need to consider, innovate, challenge, re-define, create, and launch an incredible and relevant resident education program. We’ll explore relevant (and effective) recruitment strategies, REDI (race, equity, diversity, and inclusion), practice activities, budgeting tools, organizational messaging, evaluation tools, and customizable templates.

Both the BLBC Experience curriculum and the CB277 training course are fully redesigned for 2022. If you attended CB277 before, we invite you to join us for the full curriculum revamp.

This faculty-led online course meets weekly for 90 minutes over 4 weeks and includes additional self-directed learning and peer engagement.

Community Engagement Professional Certificate Program: APPLIED COMPETENCIES COURSE

Course Length: 3 Days

Tuition: $545

Course counts toward a professional certificate (PCP): Yes