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CB008 Understanding Public Policy: Influencing Policy Making

Community builders and organizers assist and support communities to create the future the community wants. Some changes can occur from within, other changes need “outside” assistance, including from the city or county council, planning commission or any number of other democratic bodies that make policy for the public. The people who serve on those various boards hold significant power over the future of a community. Who are they, how can we influence them, how can our community become the power influencers? This 3-part webinar series explores who makes the policies that affect our communities, and what roles individuals and organization can play in influencing policies. This webinar focuses on how individuals, organizations, and communities can influence policy making at multiple levels of government.

This faculty-led webinar training will last 90-minutes and include resource materials, learning checks, interactive polling, and participant Q&A with the faculty. A quiz will be open at the conclusion of the session which must be passed in order to obtain a certificate and credit toward continuing education hours. Participants can access the training site upon registration and begin looking at the available resources prior to the live online training session. Participants will complete the quiz and print their certificate immediately after the live session.

Course Length: 1/2 Days

Tuition: $0

Course counts toward a professional certificate (PCP): Yes