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NeighborWorks HECM Training

There are two training requirements for HECM roster counselors.  

  • Initial training: To become a HECM counselor on the HUD HECM roster, you must take an approved formal HECM training course before you apply.  
  • Continuing education: Once you are on the roster, you are required to take HUD-approved HECM-related continuing education every two years to maintain your roster status.

You must obtain a certificate for each successfully completed course, and then scan and upload the certificate into the FHA roster application system (FHA Connection) to receive credit for HECM training.

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NeighborWorks HECM Training Courses

We offer three in-person HECM training courses at NeighborWorks Training Institutes (NTIs) and occasional Place Based Trainings (PBTs). Any of these courses may be used to satisfy either the initial training requirement or the continuing education requirement for the HECM roster.

In-person training

Two additional NeighborWorks classroom training courses are HUD-approved to satisfy the continuing education requirement only. Available at NTIs and occasional PBTs, these courses cannot be taken as the education requirement for getting on the HUD HECM roster for the first time.

Faculty-led courses

Self-guided courses

The following course is HUD-approved for counselors getting on the roster for the first time or for continuing education:  HUD-approved only for continuing education:  Interactive Webinars
You can search for courses by topic area, keyword or date/location through our Find a Course feature located on the Training and Professional Development page,