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Impact of the NeighborWorks America Catalytic Grant Program


Impact of the NeighborWorks America Catalytic Grant Program

Author(s)/Creator(s): NeighborWorks America

Over an 18-month period, we ran a program through our Community Initiative called the Catalytic Grant Program. The program was inspired by our mission to support efforts to build vibrant local communities that provide equitable opportunities for people to thrive.

Noting that even years after the Great Recession had officially ended, many communities across the United States were still suffering from housing disinvestment, foreclosures and concentrated poverty, we set out to create a program that could build on the assets in these communities, strengthening the capacity of local organizations to tackle complex issues. The goal was to improve physical, social and economic conditions through collaborative approaches. The model builds on the rich history and experience of our organization and our national network, drawing on decades of experience with neighborhood-based initiatives.

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