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Press Release

Release date: 6/14/2023

Release date: 6/15/23
Lindsay Moore, NeighborWorks America Media

Homeownership hampered by inability to age in place and other factors

Challenges in preserving homeownership highlighted during National Homeownership Month in effort to reduce barriers to creating intergenerational wealth and security 
NeighborWorks America expert available for radio interviews
WHAT: As the nation celebrates National Homeownership Month in June and how to increase opportunities for future homeowners, NeighborWorks America is proud to have increased the number of urban homeowners it has preserved by 97% since fiscal year 2020. This practice of "home preservation" is key to helping people stay in their homes and is a critical factor in addressing affordable housing. Home preservation can include rehabilitating homes or providing lending for rehabilitation, or foreclosure mitigation, counseling, refinancing or securing a reverse mortgage. 
NeighborWorks America's President & CEO Marietta Rodriguez is available to discuss:
  • Steps that homeowners can take to successfully navigate housing challenges. 
  • How NeighborWorks America offers solutions to keep people in their homes and help create intergenerational wealth and security, particularly for people of color. 
WHO: Marietta Rodriguez, President & CEO, NeighborWorks America
WHEN: Times by Request 

About Marietta Rodriguez 

Marietta RodriguezMarietta Rodriguez has created and executed strategic initiatives that address some of the toughest challenges facing low-income families: homeownership, foreclosure prevention, community building and engagement. A strong communicator and subject matter expert, Rodriguez was named an expert witness by the Federal Trade Commission in three areas of specialty: mortgage finance, credit repair and loan modification. Read Marietta Rodriguez's full bio
Rodriguez is available to discuss the importance of home preservation and how NeighborWorks America is a leader in getting people into and keeping them in their homes. ​

About NeighborWorks America
For more than 40 years, Neighborhood Reinvestment Corp., a national, nonpartisan nonprofit known as NeighborWorks America, has strived to make every community a place of opportunity. Our network of excellence includes nearly 250 members in every state, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. NeighborWorks America offers grant funding, peer exchange, technical assistance, evaluation tools, and access to training as the nation's leading trainer of housing and community development professionals. NeighborWorks network organizations provide residents in their communities with affordable homes, owned and rented; financial counseling and coaching; community building through resident engagement; and collaboration in the areas of health, employment, and education.