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Disaster Relief, Recovery and Preparedness

Youth in Houston, Texas fill bags with needed supplies after Hurricane HarveyHurricane season is officially June through November, although as our climate changes, it seems to be extending. For example, the first such "storm system" formed in late May in 2018. That means planning and preparation needs to be an ongoing process. Likewise, while coastal areas are hardest hit, associated heavy rains and flooding often occur miles away. Even areas not typically prone to heavy rains are being hit these days, making floods the most common natural disaster in the United States. In fact, more than 20 percent of flood claims come from properties outside high-risk flood zones.

NeighborWorks network members in coastal areas and elsewhere have deep, on-the-ground experience in helping residents and communities prepare for, survive and recover from natural disasters such as hurricanes. Our organizations are there even when first-responders have moved on to the next emergency, providing services, counseling and referrals to aid in a recovery that can require years. 
NeighborWorks responds to Hurricane Harvey
Many NeighborWorks America employees worked to help residents impacted by the hurricanes that hit Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico.


For community development professionals

NeighborWorks America is here to help. Use our comprehensive disaster recovery guides to plan for and help your community recover from natural disasters.  We also offer: 

Certification in disaster preparation and response

For residents of hurricane-affected areas provides tips for preparing, surviving and recovering from hurricanes and the side effects in further-flung communities.

Navigating the Road to Recovery
This disaster guide offers recovery information so survivors of recent natural disasters can easily find the resources they need.
Bring disaster recovery training to your community
Equip your staff & partners with the latest knowledge, skills & tools to prepare for disasters and help disaster survivors.