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San Francisco NTI 2024 FAQ's

Event Registration

01. How do I register for the SF NTI?

You may register for this event on the event platform.

02. When does registration close?

Registration closes on 1/29/24.

03. My Registration is complete, what do I do now?

Your NTI SCHEDULE (printable pdf) in the event platform contains all your event registration details. The EVENT RESOURCES section contains key information documents to guide you on navigating the site, as well as details regarding your in-person options. You can login to your account here.

04. How do I change courses selected after I already purchased them?

Registrants may make course Exchanges directly on the event platform up to 1/29/24. You can only exchange a course taking place on the same days and for the same monetary value. All other course changes must be submitted by email to Customer Response at [email protected]. Please remember course enrollment is limited, so all change requests should be submitted at your earliest convenience.

05. Can I send in a paper registration form?

No. Registrations for this event are processed online and require a COVID-19 Policy and Guide-lines agreement for all registrants, so online registration is required. Proof of vaccination is no longer required to attend in-person events. Masks are highly recommended.

Event Payments/Scholarships

06. What is the payment policy?

Payment is due at the time of registration and may be made by Visa, Mastercard, or American Express. To make payment by check or arrange group payments, please contact our Customer Response team at [email protected].

07. Are scholarships available? When will scholarships open/close?

Limited scholarship assistance is available. Scholarships will open for applications on 10/5/23 and close on 12/6/23. To apply/view your status, please access Note that if you are awarded a scholarship and do not cancel or if you are a no-show to the event, your scholarship eligibility will be revoked for 12 months.

Event Changes/Cancellation/Substitutions

08. If I cancel before the event date, will I get a refund or tuition credit?

Cancellation requests must be submitted in writing to our Customer Response team at [email protected]. The last day to cancel and obtain a refund is 1/29/24.

09. Do you allow registrant substitutions? If so, who do I contact?

Substitution of attendees is prohibited for this event.

Event Courses/Certifications/Exams

10. Will I receive a certificate of completion for each class I attend?

Certificates of completion are awarded only to registrants who attend 100% of their course. The certificates of completion will be uploaded to your My Courses page on the event platform upon confirmation that you attended 100% of the course. Click on My Courses and click the graduation cap icon to download your certificate of completion.

11. Which courses can I take to obtain my NCHEC continuing education hours? What is the timeframe for taking the NCHEC exams after the event? Where do I find the NCHEC test exams?

You must take courses within the Financial Capability, and Housing Education & Counseling training tracks to be eligible for NCHEC Certification. Please review your transcript in advance to avoid taking repetitive courses. You will have 30 days from the course end date to take your exam and receive credit. The exam can be found on the event platform under the Resources section of the respective course.

12. When will the test scores be uploaded to our transcripts?

Test scores will be visible on your NeighborWorks Online Training Transcript within 90 days of the course end date, provided you completed your course test within the required 30-day time frame.

Lodging/Travel Logistics

13. Will NeighborWorks America pay for an additional night stay if I am unable to get home by midnight?

NeighborWorks’ lodging policy notes if there are flight/train departure options which get you home by midnight then we will not extend your lodging. If there are no departure options, then we will extend your lodging on a first come/first served basis until room availability is ex-hausted. All attendees are expected to depart from the event by the event closing date on Friday. A limited number of rooms are available for a Friday night extension. To inquire if you are eligible to receive a Friday night extension after you have registered, contact the Training Customer Response team by email at [email protected]. All requests for an Additional Night Stay must be submitted via email by 1/29/2024.

14. How should a registrant identify their special needs?

Anyone with special needs should self-identify in the ADA section while registering. Once regis-tration closes one can self-identify by sending an email to [email protected].
Please be as specific as possible regarding your special needs and submit details to our Customer Response team by 1/29/2024.

15. Which hotel have I been assigned (if NW is managing your Lodging)?

Your assigned hotel will be updated to the event platform by 2/6/2024. Please note each event hotel has a mandatory Incidental Deposit of $75 per day/per person to cover incidental expenses. It is recommended that you use a credit card to cover the required Incidental Deposit, although the hotels will accept a debit card]. When using a debit card, your deposited funds may not be available to you for several days, depending on your bank’s policies. Please check with your bank about their specific policies in this regard. Please read the Travel & Logistics Guide for full details in this regard.

16 . Event/Venue Logistics?

The hotel venues are large and navigating from course to course may require extensive walking, so please plan accordingly. Also, the temperatures in hotel venues and classrooms can be wide ranging, so we recommend clothing layers to be prepared for varying temperatures.

17. Are meals provided?

Each attendee is responsible for their own meals. Each weekday of the event, NW will offer coffee/beverage services, including to-go snacks during the late morning and afternoon breaks.

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