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Symposium: Closing the Life Expectancy Gap (ML933)

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New Orleans, LA • Aug. 21, 8:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Join us for a special NeighborWorks national symposium on Health & Community Development in New Orleans, August 21, 2019. 

Where you live affects how long you live -- and community development can play a vital role in reducing the gap in life expectancy between communities. As a national leader in this critical work, NeighborWorks America is convening a special symposium at our August training institute in New Orleans to support cross-sector partnerships that advance health and well-being in communities across the U.S. This symposium is the place for community development and health leaders to network, share state-of-the-art tools and approaches, and seek inspiration. With a focus on high-impact best practices that can be implemented in diverse communities, this interactive, fast-paced event will help cross-sector efforts identify and take their most effective next steps to advance health, equity and opportunity.

Agenda (subject to change)

Symposium Speakers (subject to change)

Join practitioners in the housing, community development and health fields to:

  • Develop and strengthen cross-sector partnerships
  • Connect with nationally recognized experts from the health and community development fields
  • Explore strategies and tactics that really work in communities like yours
  • Learn how to bring your efforts to scale
  • Explore tools and strategies for quality improvement and evaluation
  • Participate in workshops and courses that complement your learning

Important questions we’ll examine throughout the day:

  • How do we effectively dissect the challenges created by systems of inequality and design solutions that advance health equity?
  • What are some of the most promising practices at the intersection of health, housing, and community development?
  • How do we foster multi-level, cross-sectorial collaboration in an equitable manner?
  • What long-term sustainable funding streams are available for interventions at the intersection of health, housing, and community development? How can we realign financing to incentivize upstream, preventive interventions at the community level?

Who is this event for?

  • Participants in both community health and community development roles
  • Professionals from all types of communities—urban, suburban and rural
  • People at all levels of experience—novices as well as seasoned experts will take away valuable new skills and approaches
  • Those who work with all types of stakeholders—seniors, youth, residents affected by all types of health and equity issues

For community development practitioners looking to better connect community development to health, check out these courses:

For health practitioners looking to better understand housing and community development, check out these courses: 

Symposium Brochure
Learn more about the Speakers and Presentations happening at the New Orleans Symposium.