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Washington, Dc • December 13, 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Investing In Independence, Keeping The Pathways Open(ML928) Agenda

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‚ÄčOpening Framing

Angela Carlberg, Sr. Program Manager, Symposia, NeighborWorks America
traci kato-kiriyama, Arts and Culture Consultant

Opening Remarks

Jeff Bryson, Acting CEO, NeighborWorks America  presentation

Opening Keynote

Uncertainty is Certain   presentation

Moderator: Frances Ferguson, Acting Vice President, Real Estate Enterprise Strategies, National Initiatives, NeighborWorks America

Rip Rapson, President and CEO, Kresge Foundation
There are a variety of pathways out of poverty—be it through education, health, employment, and community empowerment.  The Kresge Foundation is a national leader in innovation for these pathways out of poverty and in scaling these strategies by catalyzing private capital investments.  In an effort to meet people at the intersections, It takes partnerships from both public and private institutions to enhance opportunities to low-income communities.

Video Presentation

Sidni Lloyd-Shorter, CEO, Execute Now!

Panel Discussion

Upshift: Expanding the Pathways through Entreprenurial Business Change   panel slides

Over the years, community development corporations have taken an entrepreneurial approach to accommodate shifts in funding availability. Many have adjusted business models, missions, and corporate strategies to leverage the public dollar with private capital.  This panel will demonstrate how organizations have financed new developments through fee generation and empowered residents to create their own pathways out of poverty.
Moderator: Marietta Rodriguez, Senior Vice President, National Initiatives, NeighborWorks America
Panelist: John O’Callaghan, President & CEO, Atlanta Neighborhood Development Partnership, Inc.
Panelist: Joe Garlick, Executive Director, NeighborWorks Blackstone River Valley
Panelist:  Mike Loftin, Chief Executive Officer, Homewise
Panelist: Myra Martinez, Deputy Executive Director-Operations, Affordable Homes of South Texas

Morning Break


How Data Can Help?

Nela Richardson, Chief Economist, Redfin Corporation   presentation

How can data can help to inform investment strategies that produce more equitable community outcomes?   While technology races ahead, people are often left behind. No matter how many data points, algorithms and economic models you program, it is impossible to automate every solution and anticipate outcomes.  This keynote will identify how data can be used for inclusive investment strategies, right sizing and scaling up.


Welcome and Sponsor Recognition

Rutledge Simmons, Acting EVP and General Counsel, NeighborWorks America

Panel Discussion

Bringing Solutions to Scale: Funding Social Impact Investments 

Expanding the reach of any pathway requires capital – typically a combination of public and private funds.  Increasingly creative solutions are being found to capitalize and fund organizational capacity.  This panel will first present a ‘state of play’ on the landscape of private investment in poverty disruption and community development.  Discussants will then explain the contributions each are making to open up access to capital in the community development industry.

Moderator: Frances Ferguson

Fraser Nelson, Managing Director, Strategic Partnerships,  Sorenson ImPact Group
Jack Robinson, Chief Research Officer, Sorenson ImPact Group
Reggie Stanley, President and CEO, Impact Us
Rob Pedersen, Resource Development Director, NeighborWorks Salt Lake 

Afternoon Break

Panel Discussion

Bringing it Home: State and Local Policies that Support the Pathways Out of Poverty

State and local policy plays an integral role in creating and sustaining the pathways out of poverty.  Many organizations rely on institutional support to scale community development work.  This panel will discuss promising policy solutions that have influenced how we do our work and increase our impact.
Moderator, Jeff Bryson, Acting CEO, NeighborWorks America
Panelist: Maurice Jones, CEO, LISC 
Panelist: Erika Poethig, Institute Fellow and Director, Urban Policy  Initiatives, Urban Institute 

Closing Keynote

Doing Differnetly: Slowing Down to Speed Up Progress

Hanif Fazal, CEO, The Center for Equity and Inclusion  presentation

Closing Remarks