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Pathways Out of Poverty

Special Symposia Series throughout 2017

pathways out of poverty logoWe invite you to join us for a new series of symposia that pinpoints the latest thinking on poverty, and how to implement innovative strategies that address inequity and financial insecurity.

You'll hear from both big thinkers at the national level and pros working on the front lines, and you'll make a strong connection between the best work in the field and your efforts in your own community.

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Gather with your peers for skill-building and knowledge-sharing and explore ways to move your community forward.

Past Events:

Creating Economic Opportunity

Special Symposia Series throughout 2016

Throughout 2016, we held a series of four symposia focused on creating economic opportunity in low- and moderate-income communities.

As the nation continues its uneven recovery from the Great Recession, with some communities taking significant strides forward and others feeling left behind, nonprofits have the opportunity to accelerate this progress while assuring that everyone benefits. America’s growing diversity can be an asset as we further develop our skills in cross-sector collaboration and inter-cultural dialogue.

Each symposium offered a unique focus:

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This symposium, Cross-Sector Collaboration to Create Opportunity, explored models that connect housing and community development with investments in human capital such as education, health and workforce development—thus leading to improved outcomes and economic opportunities for low-income people. Leading-edge efforts demonstrated the impact of collaboration across disciplines on creating lasting positive change. This special day featured community-driven solutions connecting individuals and families with services that equip them with the skills they need to thrive.
Disparities in economic outcomes become more telling when viewed through the lens of race and ethnicity. The growing diversity in our communities poses a profound challenge to both policymakers and practitioners to support strategies that bridge racial, cultural and economic differences to build stronger more effective communities. This symposium, Race, Culture and Opportunity, explored how successful organizations are embracing issues of race, culture, opportunity and inclusion to advance community development.

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With the debate over investing in place vs. promoting mobility raging in the media and policy circles, we explored strategies for transforming distressed communities into vibrant places that provide opportunities for residents to thrive. With a revitalizing Detroit as a case study, this symposium, Creating Places of Opportunity: Investing in Neighborhoods, explored how strategic investments in places and the people who live there can lead to greater prosperity and inclusive growth by nurturing entrepreneurial businesses, job-creating industries, physical place-making projects and local housing markets.

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The final symposium of the series will build on the learnings and ideas generated throughout the year to inform a discussion of where we go from here. This symposium will set the stage for the next five years of research, innovation and practice. We will explore how both the high-level strategies and on-the-ground examples can be combined to truly move the needle on economic opportunity for all.

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