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Symposium: Removing Barriers to Sustainable Housing Affordability (ML932)

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Cleveland, OH • Feb. 20, 8:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.

(Our agenda for this symposium is evolving quickly. To stay on top of the latest additions and begin to focus the perspectives and questions you’ll bring to this event, visit us regularly.)
Symposium Speakers
(subject to change)

Housing Choice Matters:

Ten years ago, the Great Recession marked an important moment in American History. Across the country, millions of families lost their homes and equity, and households lost significant amounts of wealth, especially minority families. This period in our history has destabilized families, communities, and financial marketplaces in its wake. It has altered the financial health and foundation for millions of people. Foreclosures forced many former homeowners into the rental market, increasing competition and driving up rents on an already strained affordable housing supply.

In many places, the housing market crash set off a retreat by investors which threatened the long-term viability of critical housing and rental stock. And while all this tumult was happening, the nation’s housing finance system came to the brink of collapse.

This symposium will explore what it takes to create and sustain housing affordability in the post-Recession environment. It will look at how government programs and policies impact the housing markets and housing affordability. We will highlight issues including consumer financial education,
obtaining a mortgage, and the preservation of existing rental housing.

Speakers will share ideas about building pathways to stable housing, preserving housing choice, and ensuring housing remains accessible for current and future homeowners, as well as renters.