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Faculty Information Page

Faculty teaching in front of classWelcome! As one of our current faculty consultants, you represent one of the NeighborWorks Training Institute's greatest assets. Your experience and professionalism make our success possible. We hope this section of the site provides the tools and resources you need to do an even more effective job.

General information

Important contacts

Course Materials and Requests:

  • Our course materials have format requirements that need to be followed. If you have been tasked with course development, material creation or revision, please contact your Curriculum Manager for details. 
  • Materials Submission Link -  If you are contracted and/or approved to submit materials, please  submit materials 8 weeks prior to event as a single print-ready PDF file - including an updated cover page with current copyright, tab placement identified and any other requirements. Use the follow naming convention for document: AB123NTIMMYYYY (AB123 represents your course ID and MMYYYY the month and year of the event).
  • Site Visit Detail Submission Link - Any activity requiring leaving the property for your course must be submitted 8 weeks prior to event start date. Preliminary information MUST include targeted stops (with street addresses) or drop off intersections for neighborhood tours. A confirmation will be sent no later than 3 weeks prior to the event to finalize details.

Invoice and Reimbursement Information 

 Invoices and expenses must be submitted within 30 days after you have completed your services with NeighborWorks America.

Complete the non-staff expense form and attach documentation of your expenses. For more information, e-mail

Faculty Travel

You must book travel to the NeighborWorks Training Institute through Directravel. NeighborWorks America participates in the General Services Administration's reduced airfare program and has designated Directravel as its agent. Contact Directravel directly and tell them that you are a NeighborWorks Training Institute Instructor.