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Khepe-Ra Maat-Het-Heru

Khepe-Ra Maat-Het-Heru, born Heather Khara Rebeiro, has been inspired since early childhood by one simple thing, the magic of transformative collective action. For the last 15 years she has fostered this belief in various ways at every level, from volunteer to board member to state commissioner to national/international council member/chair, and in the capacity of professional educator. She uses the power of word and by the age of 20 she had co-authored, "Get Up, Act Up, and Shape Up the World" (published by The Points of Light Foundation), directed community theater and started public speaking/singing nationally. She is the visionary founder of The ESHU2 Collective (Education Should Help US x Ecology, Spirituality, Health, and Unity) whose crowning achievement was diversifying YouthBuild USA's consultant pool by age, race and class through the creation of the national graduate facilitator training program. She has touched the lives of thousands upon thousands with organizations such as NeighborWorks America and the government of Bermuda. She specializes in youth/adult leadership partnerships, diversity healing and dealing, nourishing spirituality and cultivating environmental respect. As the initiator of The Spiritual Warrior Society, (ages six and up), she helps people find their spiritual tools at the Spiritual Exploratory Center. She invented and facilitated the idea and creation of "The Sacred Green Space," a multi-functional environmentally respectful blessed community gathering space that hopes to soon be the site for the city of New Bedford's first monument to acknowledge the atrocities of African slavery and the genocide of the original people of the Americas.

Khepe-Ra Maat-Het-Heru Teaches the following course(s):