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ED246 Coaching Skills for Micro & Small Business Counselors

Effective counseling and technical assistance programs are delivered by small business counselors who provide guidance, mentorship, advice and support to the owners of micro and small businesses. A skilled business counselor not only knows how to deal with the challenges of the business, but knows how to coach the business owner to success as well. This is where having a set of coaching skills to use during one-on-one sessions becomes important. Knowledge of coaching skills as it relates to micro and small businesses are useful because it helps counselors empower each of their clients to master their entrepreneurial journey which ultimately creates stronger and more impactful community based businesses.

Participants will learn formal and informal coaching tips, tools and techniques that will supplement the one-on-one services provided to micro and small business clients. Participants will also have the opportunity to practice the skill sets learned in class. The end result is an ability to quickly diagnose challenges and provide targeted solutions and resources for the entrepreneur and their business. This course is suitable for both beginning and advanced business counselors, business development practitioners and anyone who works directly and indirectly with micro and small businesses. Please note that while you will receive a certificate of completion, this course will not “certify” you as a coach.

Course Length: 2 Days

Tuition: $645

Course counts toward a professional certificate (PCP): Yes