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HO229VC Homebuyer Education Methods: Training the Trainer

Registrants for this course should be familiar with mortgage industry terminology and processes prior to taking this class. This course certifies you in homebuyer education delivery, and a post-course exam is required for all participants.

This faculty-led online pre-purchase homeownership education course is designed to teach you how to design and deliver impactful homebuyer education in a variety of settings. You will become familiar with core homebuyer education content and how to tailor your educational approach to your target audience. Learn to use the best materials and methods to train homebuyers on how to assess readiness, shop for a home, get a mortgage loan, improve their budget and credit profiles, and maintain their home and finances after purchase. During this training, you will also engage in hands-on activities that will improve your facilitation skills and delivery of interactive training sessions based upon adult education methodology.

This faculty-led online course includes self-paced online assignments and the use of peer discussion forums. The course is presented in four weekly lessons. A live online session is held weekly with the faculty and participants. Participants should expect to spend approximately four hours per week on course related reading and assignments.

Course Length: 5 Days

Tuition: $475

Course counts toward a professional certificate (PCP): Yes