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HO110vc Introduction to Housing Counseling

This 4-week faculty-led online course is typically for individuals new to the housing industry or new to housing counseling.

Take this course to learn the principles and applications of housing counseling from both the industry's and the counselor's points-of-view to acquire the basic skills needed to be effective counselors. During this training, you will explore the principles of effective counseling, essential elements of pre- and post-purchase counseling for homeowners, and delinquency and default counseling. You will also be introduced to common client issues and effective intervention strategies. Last but certainly not least, you'll leave this training with practical tools to help renters, prospective homebuyers and existing homeowners develop and manage basic household budgets, enhance their savings practices and loan payment, improve credit scores, and recognize and avoid predatory lenders.

This faculty-led course includes self-paced online assignments and the use of peer discussion forums. The course is presented in four weekly lessons. A live online session is held weekly with the faculty and participants. Participants should expect to spend approximately four hours per week on course related reading and assignments.

Course Length: 2 Days

Tuition: $475

Course counts toward a professional certificate (PCP): Yes