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HO047 How to Talk to Your Clients About...Saving for College - Interactive Webinar Training

In previous generations, aspiring college students could apply to their local state college or university and attend while paying their tuition through part-time or summer work. Through the disinvestment of public universities, the financial burden has shifted to aspiring degree-holders and caused most harm to low-income/low-wealth students, particularly those of color. This webinar aims to explain the macro causes for the rise in college costs and to give learners strategies to use with clients who hope to send their children (or themselves) to college. You’ll learn about what caused this stark increase in the cost of higher education, how families are saving for college today, and what to look for in financial aid to help defray tuition costs. This 90-minute webinar will cover both topical knowledge as well as actionable steps that you can take when working with your client.

Upon successful completion of HO047WT: How to Talk to Your Clients About…Saving for College, participants will understand the macro causes of the rise in the cost of college, become familiar with the ins and outs of 529 College Savings Plans, know how Children’s Savings Accounts work and what to consider when setting one up, and gain knowledge in what to look for regarding grant-based financial aid at colleges and universities.

This faculty-led webinar training will last 90-minutes and include resource materials, check and reflect activities, interactive polling, and participant Q & A with the faculty. A quiz will be open at the conclusion of the session which must be passed in order to obtain a certificate and credit toward continuing education hours. Participants can access the training site upon registration and begin looking at the available resources prior to the live online training session. Participants will complete the quiz and print their certificate immediately after the live session.

Course Length: 1/2 Days

Tuition: $115

Course counts toward a professional certificate (PCP): No