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Health Outcomes Demonstration Project

National Evaluation of Health Outcomes

More and more, housing and community development organizations have come to recognize the direct impact of their work on the health of the residents and communities they serve. However, measuring and documenting that impact has continued to be a challenge for practitioners. To address this critical gap, NeighborWorks America and Enterprise Community Partners  jointly implemented an important national initiative.

People sharing an information sheetThe Health Outcomes Demonstration Project supported 20 nonprofits, including 10 NeighborWorks network organizations, to measure the health outcomes of a range of programs, including housing and rehab, senior services and financial capability, and better serve the low- and moderate-income communities where they work. The multi-year project provided the participating organizations with technical assistance, up to $45,000 in grant funds, peer learning opportunities at three in-person convenings and the new Success Measures Health Tools to support their evaluation efforts. The groups also had a subscription to the web-based Success Measures Data System which enabled them to measure and document health outcomes using the health tools online.

People discussing at a tableIn addition to building the capacity of each organization to plan and conduct evaluations, the project provided them with findings to be used for future program planning and for communicating impact to its many stakeholders. The results of the demonstration project are being disseminated nationally by NeighborWorks and Enterprise in the community development, public health, community health and related fields, contributing to the ongoing efforts to reduce health disparities and improve health for all Americans.

Click here to download the project final report: On the Path to Health Equity: Building Capacity to Measure Health Outcomes in Community Development   


Success Measures Health Outcome Tools Publication

Free Health Tools Available Now

The Success Measures Health Outcome Tools are available to the public in a free online publication. Learn about how the tools were developed and tested - and access the evaluation tools to incorporate them into your work.

The Health Outcomes Demonstration Project is supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, The Kresge Foundation, The Hearst Foundation, Inc., NeighborWorks America, Enterprise Community Partners. the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, and by in-kind support from the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.

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