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Success Measures Health Outcome Tools

A set of measurement tools to help evaluate and document health-related outcomes

Neighborworks-image-196As more community development practitioners continue to embrace the important linkages between community development and individual, family and community health, the need for tools to measure these health-related outcomes has become increasingly clear. In response, Success Measures®, an evaluation resource group based at NeighborWorks America, developed a set of  measurement tools to help funders and practitioners evaluate and document the health-related outcomes of a wide range of affordable housing, neighborhood revitalization, workforce development, supportive service and community engagement programs. 

Based on a literature review, stakeholder engagement, the input of advisors representing the health care, public health, community development and public policy fields, and extensive field testing in a range of communities across the country, the 68 tools include surveys, interview guides, observation protocols, and templates to collect both primary and secondary data.

Similar to all of Success Measures' 350 data collection tools, these instruments were developed for a range of community, cultural and program settings, are applicable across populations from youth to seniors, and are currently available in English and Spanish, with the option to add other languages.  Organizations can select individual or groups of tools and use them “off-the-shelf” or easily customize them to more closely align with specific program needs.


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