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Category List of Health Tools

Measuring Health-Related Outcomes of Community Development

Neighborworks-image-163Success Measures has developed and tested 65 new measurement tools to evaluate the health-related outcomes of community development work. With these tools and supporting technical assistance, organizations will be able to:
  • Evaluate health-related outcomes of their community development work
  • Better articulate how their activities, programs, and strategies (e.g. housing, community engagement, and neighborhood revitalization) benefit residents' health
  • More explicitly promote the health benefits of these programs
  • More clearly communicate to staff, board, community members and funders the connections between community development work and health

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Tools are organized here by categories to help orient you. Most users select small groups of tools or individual tools that best align with their programs.

Individual and Community Health Status

Individual Health Status

Medical Conditions 
Disease Management 
Overall Health
Health Metrics

Community Health Status

Community Morbidity
Community Mortality
Medical Visit Metrics 

Individual Health Beliefs and Attitudes

Attitudes and Discussions About Health

Views on Health  
Health Discussions with Household Members
Health Discussions with Friends

Views on a Healthy Lifestyle

Views on Eating
Views on Physical Activity  
Views on Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drug Use  
Views on Relaxation and Stress Management

Individual Health Behaviors

Health Knowledge and Use of Health Care

Health Care Knowledge 
Use of Health Care Services 
Health Insurance

Participation in a Healthy Lifestyle

Eating Behavior
Physical Activity Behavior
Alcohol, Tobacco and Drug Use Behavior  
Relaxation and Stress Management Behavior

Care Giving and Receiving

Caring for Others 
Receiving Care from Others

Individual Factors and Influences Related to Health

Individual Factors

Individual Demographics - Health
Housing Costs
Financial Stability
Food Security
Functional Status
Interest in Education and Training
Employment and Workforce Development
Personal Traits
Social Support and Safety
Housing Stability

Use of Community Services and Amenities

Use of Amenities
Use of Community Services

Social and Cultural Contexts

Social Connections
Cultural Context

Influences on Individual

Influences on Individual’s Views on Health
Influences on Individual’s Eating
Influences on Individual’s Physical Activity
Influences on Individual’s Alcohol and Tobacco Use

Community Environmental Factors Related to Health

Housing Conditions

Interior of Residence: Resident Perception
Interior of Residence: Expert Assessment
Exterior of Residence: Resident Perception
Residential Building Exterior and Site: Expert Assessment
Multifamily Common Areas: Resident Perception
Multifamily Common Areas and Building Systems: Expert Assessment
Housing in the Community
New Housing: Resident Perception
Rehab Housing: Resident Perception

Land Use and Physical Features

Design and Management
Environmental Metrics
Land Use and Maintenance
Traffic and Pedestrian Safety

Community Services and Amenities

Availability and Quality of Amenities
Accessibility and Perception of Amenities
Services and Trainings in the Community: Available Data
Services and Trainings in the Community: Key Informant Perception
Services and Trainings in the Community: Resident Perception

Community Demographics and Social Factors Related to Health

Population Characteristics

Community Demographics - Health

Social Factors

Community Social Cohesion

Availability, Quality and Cultural Sensitivity of Health Care Services

Availability and Quality of Health Care

Availability of Hospital and Health Care Services
Availability and Practices of Primary Care Services
Features and Barriers in Health Care System

Cultural Sensitivity and Interaction with Health Care Providers

Accessibility of Health Care Services
Cultural Sensitivity of Health Care Practices
Interaction with Health Care Providers

Collaborations and Partnerships

Satisfaction with Collaborative Partnership

Health Tools Also Available Online

The health tools are offered through subscription to the Success Measures Data System, a web-based platform which houses the tools and helps subscribers efficiently manage and conduct all phases of evaluation online, from data collection to analysis and reporting. Within the system, the tools, included in both English and Spanish, can be used as-is or easily customized for users’ programs and evaluation.  All the resulting data, resources and findings are then permanently stored and accessible in one secure online environment.
Success Measures Data System
Category List of Health Tools
Success Measures Health Outcome Tools

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