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Excellence in Governance ReConnect

Board chair leadership development is critical to effective board collaboration, strategic decision-making, partnership cultivation, driving change forward and getting work done.

NeighborWorks America's Excellence in Governance ReConnect Program (EIG ReConnect) is an exclusive program for graduate organizations of our Excellence in Governance Program. We developed EIG ReConnect in response to feedback and requests from graduate organization board members. 

EIG-Turtle.pngThis unique program offers current and incoming board chairs the opportunity to enhance their individual board leadership abilities and governance knowledge while increasing the success of their organizations. 

Using a customized approach infused with relevant governance education, each participating board leader will create their own development goals and plans to meet the needs of their individual roles, organizations, and communities. EIG ReConnect is not a one-size-fits-all approach. It offers flexible timing to accommodate even the busiest board leaders. Both current and incoming board chairs will benefit from EIG ReConnect's customized process and core program components. 

While we are not accepting applications at this time, we encourage you to review the details below to begin considering whether your board is interested in applying for the 2022 round. 

Core Program Components

EIG ReConnect enhances board leader development and increases their effectiveness through governance education, peer coaching and relationship building, and one-on-one individual coaching, so that each board leader’s results meet their unique goals. The core components of the program include:
  • A customized approach involving governance education, peer coaching and individual coaching for each participant.  
  • Peer team coaching where each board leader will learn from, support and build relationships with 3-4 other board leaders from other national organizations each month. These sessions provide space to develop skills, explore approaches, process ideas and build individual leadership.
  • One-on-one individual coaching for board leaders that recognizes their unique skills, talents and opportunities. These sessions are jointly scheduled with governance coaches and board leaders to accommodate busy schedules. 
  • ReConnect governance trainings are virtual, live session trainings to ground all board leaders in core governance education and knowledge.  
  • Independent development and learning embedded in EIG ReConnect. While the program will offer a variety of governance resources, tools and ideas — each board leader sets individual goals related to their effectiveness, leadership and board experiences. Each board leader is expected to allocate time for learning and development throughout the program. 
  • Deep-dive bonus education sessions curated for diverse board leader interests and experiences. Deep dives are optional.
  • A governance coach with extensive governance experience will work to support each individual board leader’s professional development throughout the program.

Time and Cost Commitment

Board leaders should be prepared to commit to core program components, including: 
  • Two virtual weekend training sessions. 
  • 90-minute peer coaching sessions each month. 
  • 45-minute one-on-one individual coaching sessions each month. 
  • Additional time for independent development and learning. 
In terms of organization costs, in a very real and explicit sense, the "price" of participation is the time, effort, work and commitment each participant brings to the tem-month program. In exchange for the real costs being subsidized, NeighborWorks America asks that each person participates to their fullest ability and provides us and potential future participants with feedback on the experience.
Excellence in Governance ReConnect
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