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NCHEC Certification

NCHEC CertificationNeighborworks-image-82The NeighborWorks Center for Homeownership Education and Counseling (NCHEC) offers nine certifications for homeownership and community development practitioners. All nine certifications align with the  National Industry Standards for Homeownership Education and Counseling

Additionally, agencies may Adopt the Standards if they employ staff holding these nine NCHEC certifications: Pre-Purchase Homeownership Education, Post-Purchase Homeownership Education, Homeownership Counseling, Foreclosure Intervention & Default Counseling, Financial Capability, Post-Purchase Homeownership Education in Native Communities and Rental Housing Counseling, and Rental Eviction Intervention. 

To apply, download the Application for NCHEC Certification. NCHEC certifications must be renewed every three years. Learn about our continuing education policy.


Financial capability

Ideal for financial coaches, financial and housing counselors, & program managers 


Certification Requirements:

Pre-purchase homeownership education

Ideal for educators providing group training in a seminar or workshop format


Certification Requirement:

Post-purchase homeownership education

Ideal for counselors facilitating post-purchase seminars & workshops


Certification Requirement:

Homeownership counseling

Ideal for professionals conducting one-on-one housing counseling


Certification Requirements:

Foreclosure intervention and default counseling

Ideal for professionals with at least one year of foreclosure intervention counseling experience


Certification Requirements:

  • Both courses must be completed within a three-year period to qualify for certification.

Homeownership counseling for program managers and executive directors

Ideal for professionals at the management level


Certification Requirement:

Rental housing counseling

Ideal for professionals counseling clients in rental housing


Certification Requirement:

Rental eviction intervention

Ideal for professionals counseling clients in rental housing eviction


Certification Requirements:

Continuing Education Policy
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Learn more about our National Training Institutes and other in-person training opportunities.