NeighborWorks America, a leader in the national marketplace of housing counseling and education, is pleased to bring NeighborWorks Compass, a groundbreaking new CMS, to market.


A Successful Customer Experience

While we've been developing system functionality and planning for a truly world-class product, we've recognized the need to build much more than just a software package. So we've developed an entire infrastructure necessary for a successful customer experience, including:

  • A product development team comprising both technical and housing counseling experts.
  • A comprehensive, reliable and responsive support system.
  • Multi-faceted onboarding and training resources.
  • How-to guides accessible 24/7 with step-by-step instructions on our product.

The pieces of this infrastructure have been conceived and built based on best practices to enhance your effectiveness and efficiency, ensuring you receive the optimal level of service and support needed to gain the greatest value.

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A modern customer management system for
the housing counseling and education industry.

Built on a proven, world-class tech platform, NeighborWorks Compass:

We rely on technology every hour of the day. Our phones, our laptops and tablets, our cars … we couldn't run our lives without them. To support the counseling and education field, NeighborWorks America has developed a state-of-the-art client management system to bring your counseling work into the twenty-first century. A completely new system — designed by counselors for counselors, and built on the cutting-edge Salesforce platform — that bears the administrative burden and supports the unique milestones in the housing counseling process. Now you can focus on what's most important: delivering quality counseling services to improve the lives of those you serve.
Creating efficiencies
Achieving scale
Increasing sustainability and impact

NeighborWorks Compass: 
  • Is easy and cost-effective to acquire, and provides out-of-box usability.
  • Mirrors your counseling workflow process.
  • Has automated tools to help relieve your administrative burden.
  • Maximizes your impact and customer service experience by optimizing your time and efficiency.

This new system, designed by counselors for counselors, supports community-serving organizations in creating efficiencies, achieving scale, and increasing sustainability and impact.