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2020 Honorees — Dorothy Richardson Award for Resident Leadership
Learn about the positive impact of six community leaders and how they keep their neighbors strong and connected.
Maxine Woodside: Always focused on those in greater need
For Maxine Delores Hill Woodside, adversity at a young age also bred inspiration and a burning desire to help others.
Gwyn Guidy: Doing the hard work of making change
Gwyn Guidy's skills were shaped in large part by an earlier effort to ward off the potential ill effects of gentrification. When a city ordinance was adopted that allowed restrictions on minimum lot sizes for an entire area – not just block by block – she sprang into action.
Resident engagement and NeighborWorks America
In Cesar Magana's neighborhood many kids his age choose drugs or to join the local gang.  Instead, thanks to fellow resident and coach, Je...