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Eviction Prevention Programming (EPP): Best Practices Review Feb 2015

Neighborworks America

Eviction Prevention Programming (EPP): Best Practices Review Feb 2015

Author(s)/Creator(s): Alex Barkley, Mary Margaret McMiller, Nancy Hood

There is no question that eviction is bad news for renters. Forced moves put individuals and families at risk in so many ways: They have a more difficult time being accepted as tenants elsewhere; they frequently are disconnected from social-support networks, health care providers, employment and schools; and the stress takes a psychological toll of its own. For property owners and managers, turnover means additional expense for legal procedures, recruitment of new tenants and apartment make-ready. But in the nonprofit, mission-oriented world, it's not just about money; it's also about addressing the underlying challenges that drive nonpayment of rent to begin with. The question is what (resident) services are most successful as well as cost efficient. This is the issue this study set out to explore.

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