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Climate Mitigation: A Toolkit for Community Developers


Climate Mitigation: A Toolkit for Community Developers

Author(s)/Creator(s): NeighborWorks America

Affordable housing and community development organizations like the NeighborWorks network have long helped their communities become resilient. Post-purchase homeownership education and foreclosure intervention counseling support strong communities by keeping homeowners secure in safe housing. Shared Equity Housing puts residents in the driver seat and sustains affordability. Community Building & Engagement activates residents’collective power for sustainable change. And increasingly, disaster preparedness and response activities have positioned households to avoid or recover from the worst eventualities.

Climate resilience is no less critical. And we’ll let you in on a little secret – most community developers are already working on climate resilience. Home retrofits reduce energy costs but also build resilience. Community gardens help solve for food insecurity in areas impacted by shifting agricultural feasibility. Homebuyer education on energy efficiency makes homeownership healthier, more affordable and resilient.

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