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Impact Graphics

Graphics can quickly and concisely explain the value of what we and our partners do. See below for graphics that we have created. We welcome your use of these graphics in other mediums. Please contact us if you wish to do so: [email protected].

Four tips to start tax season off right
It’s easy to think that good tax advice costs a lot and that getting a refund immediately is better than wait...
Comience la temporada de impuestos
This infographic is also available in English. 
What is financial capability?
It’s the ability to navigate life’s events. It’s more than just setting financial’s actuall...
Do you know your homeownership numbers?
Successful homeownership begins with knowing "your numbers." Just as with managing health requires keeping...
¿Sabe sus números de ser propietario de vivienda?
This infographic is also available in English.