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April 2019

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Small dollar loans offer more affordable options
Payday loans offer a quick way to get money but come at a high cost. NeighborWorks organizations offer better alternatives through their small dollar loan programs.
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AHC helps residents build credit with rent reporting
NeighborWorks America's network organization AHC Inc. uses rent reporting to help residents build credit or repair poor credit history using on-time rent reporting, while also helping to instill healthy financial behaviors that can have lasting impact.
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New energy habits can put money in your pocket
We are all creatures of habit – both good and bad. Changing a few bad energy-use habits in your house or apartment can make a big difference in lowering your bills. This blog focuses on saving money through energy-efficient major and minor appliances, LED lighting and even how to bust some energy "ghosts."
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Financial coaches help people succeed in tax season
Many people want to manage their money better so they can fulfill their dreams such as buying a home, saving for a child’s education or becoming debt-free. With tax season upon us, working with a professional financial coach in addition to a tax preparer to plan ahead and get organized can make the process run smoothly and can mean the difference between falling into a “financial trap” or working smartly and reaching one’s financial goals.