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October 2017

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Nonprofit-police partnerships are ‘untold’ good news
If one only reads the news, it’s easy to think that relations between local police and communities dominated by people of color are at a nadir. But at NeighborWorks’ recent Community Leadership Institute, it was clear member organizations are active players in making their reality a different one. 
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Disaster ‘pro’ offers lessons learned
Samuel Sanders, Executive Director of the Mid City Redevelopment Alliance in Baton Rouge, Florida, has witnessed—and been personally involved with—three natural disasters that impacted his community. And now, he is being tapped for advice for those struggling in the aftermath of hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Marie. Here are some of his thoughts. 
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Entrepreneur nation: Nonprofits help start-ups fuel the economy
Economists are blaming a slowdown in start-ups on the sluggishness of the recovery—and women owners are a big part of the solution. Read this blog post to learn what NeighborWorks network members have learned about how to help start-ups of all kinds survive those crucial first years.  
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On the ground: a report from post-hurricane Houston
Many NeighborWorks America employees are working to help residents impacted by the hurricanes that have hit Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico. In this blog post, one staff member writes about her volunteer service on the ground.