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November 2017

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How community development can benefit from becoming ‘sustainable businesses’
In a supplement to the winter issue of the Stanford Social Innovation Review, NeighborWorks America experts dicuss why nonprofits must consider building for-profit lines of business that can support their community missions.
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When crime is high, St. Louis member shows how to de-escalate tensions
Reducing crime isn’t just the job of the police; in fact, it’s often better for residents to get involved well before tensions escalate to that point. Better Family Life in St. Louis has developed a unique model that it says other communities can use to stop homicides and other crimes.
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Lessons learned on the way to ‘smoke-free’
Rental developments across the country are increasingly going smoke-free, both for public-health reasons and to save money in maintenance costs. But how do you phase in such a policy with existing residents? Three NeighborWorks network members offer lessons learned.