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June 2017

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Black women walk to reclaim health and streets
What can both help improve the health of black women and reclaim sidewalks for residents? It's an organization and campaign called GirlTrek, and several NeighborWorks network members are jumping on board. Read about what it is and how it works. 
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Nonprofits explore fine line between good business practice and offering second chances
When social service agencies started telling NeighborWorks network member Aeon they couldn’t place some of their neediest clients in the Minneapolis nonprofit’s affordable housing developments, the organization decided to join with others in the area to explore how to be more inclusive. Read how the collaboration is taking an evidence-based approach to re-examining standards for tenants who are ex-offenders. 
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How to leverage the arts community to energize an economy
Bankruptcies….Closed businesses…Declining jobs…Run-down neighborhoods. Network member HANDS in Orange, New Jersey, has found a winning response that leverages the arts to grow a more vibrant economy. It’s just one example of “creative placemaking” that is proving successful in cities and towns across the country.