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February 2014

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Privacy breaches offer ‘teaching moment’ for financial education
One of the most effective ways to stay relevant to your community, build support and attract positive attention is to tie your services and message into “hot topics” in the media and around the kitchen table. One of those hot topics these days is the security of personal data, triggered by the theft of credit and debit card numbers and the personal information — including names, email addresses, phone numbers and home addresses — of as many as 70 million Target customers.
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Tax time is ideal platform for financial-education outreach
All of the data aren't in yet for 2013, but it's safe to assume that hundreds of thousands of people became first-time homeowners last year. Becoming a homeowner also means that many people for the first time will find it beneficial to itemize their tax returns. The advertisements about using a paid, professional service for completing and filing tax forms are filling the airwaves, newspapers and other media. Most of these advertisements promise friendly and fast service. But few if any of these ads disclose the cost.