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Six more weeks of winter? Members help residents survive the cold
Frigid winters can cause a lot of inconvenience, but for low-income or homeless people, it often is life-threatening. NeighborWorks network members have found many ways to help. 
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Nonprofits put small-footprint homes to versatile use
The almost “faddish” rise of what has been called “tiny homes” is much in the media. On the ground, the small houses are being put to use both for alternatives to homelessness and affordable housing in tough markets for singles and couples. 
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When ‘zero’ is possible: How one state and two cities ended veteran homelessness
More than 20 cities and states across the country have declared an end to veteran homelessness. How did they do it? Read this post to learn how and what can be learned.
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Creating employment opportunities for the hard-to-place
How can organizations help the hard-to-place, like people experiencing homelessness, get the experience they need to be hired? Primavera shows how with an "alternative staffing agency." The added benefit? It is earning revenue as well.
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Alaska group provides one-stop shop for homeless
Homelessness has many causes and spawns many needs, making it difficult to coordinate the multiple visits and services required to stabilize these individuals and put them on the road to “recovery.” That challenge is what inspired the San Francisco Department of Public Health to host its first “Project Homeless Connect” event in 2004, and today, more than 260 other organizations have been trained to follow suit – including NeighborWorks Anchorage in Alaska.
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Veterans in trouble need more than ceremonies and discounts
Veterans Need Housing Help
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Avesta’s housing-first model for homeless defies common practice: It works!
HUD secretary report the average cost of a single homeless person in America was $40,000 a year.