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Five ways gardening feeds the soul
You've heard about community gardening, right? You may think it's just a nice way to socialize and use vacant lots, while maybe getting some fresh vegetables for dinner. But it can be so much more than that. Read how gardening together benefits both individuals and communities.
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Everyone wants youth engagement, but how?
Every organization at the community level seeks to involve youth, since they are the next generation of homebuyers, renters and leaders. But they can be a tough group to engage. Here are some tips.
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How to engage residents for community change
When community change is desired, resident engagement is not an option--it's a must. But in times of busy schedules, apathy and even hostility, how do you bring diverse points of view together? Read this for ideas.
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Lessons from the trenches of community-police engagement
How do you make inner-city "kill zones" safe for families? Civil rights attorney Connie Rice has had remarkable success in the projects of Los Angeles, and in this blog post, her insights are applied to community development.
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Six tips for improving community safety
Alleviating public-safety concerns in a neighborhood need not require large budgets and years of work. Here are six steps community groups can take to increase residents' sense of security.