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NeighborWorks America 45th Anniversary



Since our inception 45 years ago, NeighborWorks America has been a beacon of hope and opportunity for communities across the nation. Why, you may ask? We're glad you're curious! Our story begins with the indomitable spirit of Dorothy Mae Richardson, a resident leader whose bold vision set the foundation for our organization. 


Imagine a time when affordable housing was just a dream for many. Now, imagine a fierce advocate, Richardson, who dared to challenge the status quo. Her resident-led campaign in Pittsburgh sparked a nationwide movement, leading to the founding of our organization. 


Over the decades, we've grown from a single initiative to a robust network of nearly 250 members nationwide. Every year, we invest billions into communities through direct investment. In FY 2022 alone, we poured a staggering $10.8 billion back into neighborhoods across the country. Impressive, isn't it? 


But we're not just about numbers. We're about people — homeowners, renters, community leaders — all working together to build stronger, more vibrant neighborhoods. We believe that every community should be a place of opportunity, and we're committed to making this vision a reality. 


As we celebrate our 45th anniversary, we invite you to join us in our mission. Let's continue to create opportunities, one home at a time. After all, we're NeighborWorks America, and we're here to build a better future. #NW45 


NeighborWorks America is celebrating 45 years of service to communities across the nation. This promotional toolkit provides materials to help you share our story, celebrate our impact, and promote our mission. Use this toolkit to join us in commemorating this milestone, promoting our efforts, and amplifying our voices.

Social Media Messaging

- "🎉 As we celebrate our 45th year, we're reflecting on the impact we've made. From coast to coast, @NeighborWorksAmerica has been dedicated to building stronger communities. Let's continue making every neighborhood a place of opportunity. #NW45 🏠" 


- "🙌 A tribute to Dorothy Mae Richardson, whose resident-led campaign sparked our founding. Her spirit lives on in each community we serve. Join us in honoring leaders transforming their neighborhoods at the 2023 Leadership Awards. #NW45 💪" 


- "💡 Did you know? In FY 2022, @NeighborWorksAmerica and its network invested an impressive $10.8 billion into communities across the country. We're proud of our real impact, and here's to many more years of making a difference! #NW45 💰" 


- "🎈 Celebrating 45 years of creating opportunities with NeighborWorks America. Let's keep the momentum going as we build stronger communities, one home at a time. Share your NeighborWorks story with us using #NW45 🏘️" 


- "🥳 Happy 45th Anniversary to us! We're celebrating by continuing our mission to provide sustainable, affordable housing across the nation. Join us in our journey and help us make every community a place of opportunity. #NW45 🏡"


#CelebratingNW45 and #NW45 are the official hashtags for NeighborWorks America's 45th Anniversary. Add this to your social media posts to promote your participation and so that we can find it and celebrate along with you!

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