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Financial Security Resources

We all want financial security: the ability to control our money and plan for the future, instead of letting money control us and not meeting our goals . NeighborWorks America is committed to helping you not only set your financial goals, but to build toward them with confidence. Here are some excellent resources we recommend for managing your spending, savings, credit and overall finances. 
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Managing finances is much easier when you have the proper tools. Read our one-page tip sheet (en español) and visit websites like Keys to my Home for information about finances and homeownership. Other good resources include: and the FDIC's Money Smart curriculum.
54 Ways to Save Money from America Saves offers valuable ideas for trimming  housing, food, entertainment and other costs. Many find our Monthly Spending Plan worksheet an excellent tool. 
America Saves lists many ways you can plan to save  whether for emergencies, tuition, home purchase or other financial goals.
Our Keys to My Home website will help you understand your credit, including credit reports, credit counseling, and how to repair your credit.
What is Financial Capability?
It’s the ability to navigate life’s events. It’s more than just setting financial’s actually building toward them.