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Comprehensive Community Development

Comprehensive community development is a place-based and intentional approach aimed at improving lives and strengthening communities and works at the intersection of people, places and systems. By creating a shared vision, unified strategy and a collaborative structure to attract and deploy resources, comprehensive community development creates vibrant local communities that offer people equitable opportunities to thrive. It is also built on a foundation of inclusive resident engagement, which is central to creating and sustaining positive change.

What does NeighborWorks America do?
  • Grantmaking – NeighborWorks invests in high-impact strategies in communities across the country serviced by our network of nearly 250 locally-rooted nonprofit organizations. Through our network, we support communities to develop community visions and plans, engage stakeholders, measure impact, and advance best practices in the field. 
  • Capacity Building – NeighborWorks supports organizations engaged in comprehensive community eevelopment to connect with their peers through site visits and peer exchanges. We provide support to staff, residents, and partners to continuously strengthen and expand the network of individuals engaged in this work.
  • Training & Professional Development – A leader in professional development in the affordable housing and community development field, NeighborWorks offers specialized training through webinars, in-person and on-line courses, place-based training, and our signature annual Community Leadership Institute.

Middle Neighborhoods

In partnership with the National Community Stabilization Trust and the national Middle Neighborhoods Steering Committee, NeighborWorks sponsors the Middle Neighborhoods Community of Practice. The Community of Practice is an informal, facilitated network of practitioners, researchers, and policymakers working in the field to strengthen middle neighborhoods. Middle neighborhoods are a category of neighborhoods that are neither clearly healthy and thriving, nor overtly distressed. Long seen as stable communities for middle- and working-class families, today many middle neighborhoods are on the edge of growth or decline. Learn more at

Creative Community Development

Community mural painted in bright colors on a fenceAs part of comprehensive community development efforts, we sought to capture what art, culture and creativity can contribue to creating equitable and engaged communities. Learn more about our creative community development efforts and how NeighborWorks network organizations have incorporated arts to address community issues like gentrification, leverage partnerships and adapt to the unexpected. 

Disaster Relief, Recovery and Preparedness

Many states continue to face unprecedented winter storms, and many areas have to contend with disasters each year. Planning and preparing for disasters needs to be an ongoing process. NeighborWorks network organizations have deep, on-the-ground experience in helping residents and communities prepare for, survive and recover from natural disasters and continue to provide services, counseling and referrals to aid in a recovery that can require years. 

Creative Community Development
Disaster Relief, Recovery and Preparedness
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