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Job Number 1483

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Washington, DC
Job Description:
NeighborWorks America is a national non-profit organization created by Congress in 1978 to provide financial support, technical assistance and training for community-based revitalization efforts. 
NeighborWorks America provides support to and strengthens a network of NeighborWorks organizations by providing training, technical assistance, funding and organizational assessments. NeighborWorks America was created by Congress in 1978 in order to “revitalize older urban neighborhoods by mobilizing public, private, and community resources at the neighborhood level.”

Today, NeighborWorks America supports more than 240 organizations revitalizing their communities in rural and urban America. This group of NeighborWorks organizations forms a national network of more than 240 independent, community-based nonprofit organizations working to revitalize, create and preserve affordable housing in urban, suburban, and rural communities through the work of thousands of residents, business people, government officials and other partners.

In addition to its active relationships with the NeighborWorks Network, the company works with more than two dozen national partners to advance its programs and to advance public policy on such critical issues as:

• Access to sustainable affordable homeownership
• Safe quality rental homes
• Community resilience in the wake of disasters, both natural and economic
• Foreclosure mitigation and recovery

These partners include major financial institutions and foundations, government agencies, and corporations.  These partner relationships also allow NeighborWorks to leverage dramatically the dollars it invests across the country, resulting in $45 in local benefits for every dollar it invests.

NeighborWorks also supports sponsored related Capital Corporations who in turn provide additional capital resources - including loan products, and financing vehicles to this Network that expand affordable housing opportunities in their communities. While NeighborWorks is chartered by the US Congress and is supported in part by Congressional appropriation, it is not a Federal agency. The company has additional support from the private sector, foundations, and several revenue-generating programs. Annual revenues average approximately $250 million to support the activities of NeighborWorks America and its Network. NeighborWorks employs over 330 staff (regular and limited-term). NeighborWorks employees are equally passionate about both mission and effective delivery of programs, support, and services.

Headquartered in Washington, DC, NeighborWorks America operates through a national office and five regions. Staff are spread across seven offices located in Los Angeles CA, Denver CO, Kansas City, MO, Cincinnati OH, New York, NY, Boston, MA and Atlanta GA. For further information on NeighborWorks America, please visit

This position offers the opportunity to have a significant positive impact on NeighborWorks’ critical mission in a dynamic, creative environment. The Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer is an officer of the company and is appointed by its Board of Directors. The position will collaborate with and be accountable to the newly-appointed President and Chief Executive Officer. This person is a member of the company’s executive leadership group, which includes the President & Chief Executive Officer, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, and the Executive Vice President and General Counsel/Corporate Secretary.

The Chief Financial Officer will set NeighborWorks’ financial policy and direction while also being an active participant in, and driver of, the organization’s overall strategy. S/He will serve as the expert advisor in all financial matters and is responsible for managing its fiscal functions and insuring its compliance with all regulatory requirements and oversight organizations.

In addition, this position will lead the Finance, Financial Planning, Analysis & Contracts, Information Technology & Services, Human Resources, Procurement, and Administrative Services divisions of the Corporation led by Senior Vice Presidents (approximately 55 staff with 7 direct reports).

The successful candidate will be able to bring about strategic change within and outside the organization, to meet organizational goals; lead people toward meeting the organization’s vision, mission, and goals; lead efficiency and effectiveness enhancements to meet organizational goals and customer expectations; manage human, financial, and information resources strategically; and, build coalitions internally and externally.

Strategy, Policy, and Advisory
• As an officer of the company, works with the Senior Leadership Group to develop policies having company-wide impact. Serves as an expert advisor to the Senior Leadership Group on all financial matters.
• Participates with the officers and the Board to establish the strategic direction of the company. Is the financial expert in all strategic planning activities.
• Together with their colleagues, develops strategies regarding company funding sources, including diversifying income through existing and potential revenue streams, with an additional focus on enhancing revenue-producing programs.
• Establishes and implements financial operating policies and procedures designed to improve operational effectiveness, improve efficiency and safeguard the Corporation’s assets. Proposes, as necessary, revisions/additions to such policies based on the changing regulatory and business environment.
• Provides advisory capabilities, as needed, to network partners on best practices and proposed financial initiatives.

Accounting, Budgeting and Reporting
• Is responsible for all financial reporting including; financial statements, exhibits, and other financial analysis and reports (including regular reports on operating results) to senior management and the Board of Directors.
• Develops financial plans and forecasts for the company.
• Has responsibility for coordinating all budgets for the Corporation and monitors the execution of the budget in relation to actual company performance.
• Oversees the preparation and submission of the company budget to the Board of Directors and the Office of Management and Budget.
• Participates in Congressional hearings and reporting to Federal agencies, as required.
• Communicates with the company’s independent auditors on an ongoing basis. Facilitates and manages the company’s annual audit and tax compliance requirements.
• Oversees all of the company’s banking and treasury relationships, including: banking, cash management, investments, and debt obligations.

Management & Services
• Provides day-to-day leadership to the Finance, Financial Planning & Analysis, Information Technology & Services, Human Resources, Procurement and Administrative Services divisions.
• Leads these divisions through innovative management concepts and initiatives to effectively meet program goals and objectives within available resource allocations.
• Has oversight of Information Technology & Services’ strategic direction.
• With the SVP, Information Technology & Services, oversees the formulation and execution of the technology component of the capital budget.
• Fosters communication, cooperation, and collaboration within the Office of the Chief Financial Officer and with senior management of the Corporation.
• Develops performance standards, sets job expectations, and gives ongoing feedback and annual performance ratings to direct reports.

Systems and Controls
• Ensures that an effective system of internal controls has been implemented and is regularly monitored and updated, in order to safeguard the company’s assets.
• Directs the development, approvals, and management of integrated accounting and financial management systems, including design and enhancement projects.
Skills Required
(a) Education: An undergraduate degree is required; CPA, graduate degree in business administration or finance or MBA preferred.

(b) Experience: 
Minimum of twelve (12) years' experience in a senior financial management capacity. Experience managing several business operations departments of an organization (Information Technology, Finance, Budget, Human Resources, Procurement, Administrative Services). Experience working in a multi-locational organization is a plus. Big Four or public accounting experience is a plus. Experience with government appropriations and budget cycle process a plus. Experience with government contracting and procurement is a plus.

(c) Skills, Abilities and Attributes: Strategic thinker. Excellent interpersonal skills. Proficient written and oral communication skills, including the ability to speak in a wide variety of settings, to a wide variety of audiences. Skilled in strategic planning and organizational development. Proficient in computer usage, including Microsoft Office.

Demonstrated capacity for independent judgment and sound decision making in a diverse and complex organizational environment. Collaborative, facilitative leader, with drive for decisive results. Internal customer service mentality. Ability to foster trust, credibility, and cohesive teamwork among persons of diverse talents, backgrounds, and perspectives. Keen, analytical problem solver. Thrives in fast-paced working environment. Highest level of integrity, honesty, and respect for others in both business and personal relationships. Sense of urgency. Positive and energetic. Wholeheartedly embraces the mission of the organization.

For more information on this opportunity, please contact Terra Search Partners

Alan Greenwald, Partner, 240-752-7810
Linny Simkin, Senior Principal 206-366-1012

An Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/D/V
Job Category : Professional
Position Type : Full-Time
Travel Required : 25%
Posted Date : 4/6/2015
Closing Date : 5/4/2015
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Contact Person : Alan Greenwald, Partner
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