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Veteran and lifelong renter becomes homeowner
Thanks to NeighborWorks America and the Wells Fargo Foundation, veteran Leslie Heisner now owns her first home. 
Jacob Puff: one veteran giving back to many others
On Veterans Day, and all year round, Jacob Puff celebrates his years in the U.S. Marines by helping other vets who are in danger of "falling through the cracks."
Paul Bertha: from bystander to ‘upstander’
Paul Bertha's decision to be an active member of his community led to the creation of the Historic Roosevelt Summer Academy where's he has served as drama teach to approximately 600 young people in a disadvantaged area. 
Sharon Bagley: turning tragedy into strength
When Sharon Bagley’s 19-year-old son Malcolm – a scholarship football player home from his freshman year of college – was killed in the crossfire of a gang fight in Orange, NJ, Bagley turned this personal tragedy into a community fighting back against violence.
Marcy Tanger: a one-person green ‘multiplier’
NeighborWorks of Western Vermont attributes much of its success in championing home energy efficiency in Rutland County to “the Marcy Tanger effect."
Chip Rogalinski: responding to the ‘call’
Charles “Chip” Rogalinski helped transform Shelby Park (Louisville, Kentucky) from a crime-ridden neighborhood to a place young professionals are moving in and the neighborhood is moving up.
Fred Fife: heart of the community
Fred Fife combines an engineer’s laser focus on “getting the job done” with a love for those around him. He has been an entrepreneur, a volunteer and even a Utah state senator and representative all to improve his community.
Gloria Zamudio: be the leader you need
Gloria Zamudio used to live in fear of drug-dealers in her neighborhood, but with resident leadership training she has transformed her community in a peaceful, positive place to live.
Jason Amboo: never too young to be a leader
When most boys are 11 years old, they’re thinking about video games, sports and how to get out of chores. Not Jason Amboo. He started the Green Club which has collected more than 200 pounds of litter and achieved a 92 percent resident-participation rate for its recycling program.
Kenneth Grubbs: teaching by example
The relationship between the police and local communities is a top concern in many neighborhoods. But in Boston’s Roxbury, Kenneth (“Kenny”) Grubbs figured out how to change that dynamic a long time ago.
Staff push for green pays off
When his staff pushed Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corp. Executive Director Don Falk to go green, he knew he had to act. The results include improved staff morale and benefitted business operations.
Better health, more savings with green homes
NeighborWorks Great Falls and NextStep partner to help rural residents access healthy and energy-effcient homes.
Book-inspired community greening
NeighborWorks network member Neighborhood Housing Services of Southwest Wisconsin helps residents go green while building community pride.
Water festival connects youth to community
NeighborWorks network organization Neighborhood Housing Services engages young residents with their river and their community.
Energy efficiency keeps historic community strong
Just outside Washington D.C., a partnership between Macedonia Baptist Church and NeighborWorks member AHC leds to home energy-efficiency and stronger community. 
Building a home with sweat equity
Treva Williams wanted the best for her children and Mountain Housing Opportunities gave her a chance to prove it by building a new community of homes.
Youth overhaul an open space in East Boston
Neighborhood of Affordable Housing's (NOAH) Community Building and Environment Youth leadership crew gave a local open space a major overhaul through their Zero Carbon Park Maintenance Program.
‘Aging in place’ transformed from dream to reality in Ohio
As with other communities across the country, the Rust Belt town of Springfield, OH, is aging. With high unemployment and the resulting exodus of young people, the population of the small town in southwestern Ohio is increasingly in need of affordable housing.
West Virginia group demonstrates big impact
The Homeownership Center (HOC) of Elkins, WV, assists a mostly rural population, providing education and counseling, financing and development primarily to low- and moderate-income households, including the Sackett-Scott family.
Forty-five years after founding, PA group helps future homebuyers achieve ‘financial freedom’
Combating generational poverty
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